Student Centered Testing.

observation lesson

Irregular Verbs Revision.



1.Ss work in pairs. Each pair gets an untitled list of irregular verbs.

2.Ss get 2-3 minutes to complete the 2nd and 3rd columns of the given verbs.


        3.Each pair takes a red marker.

        4.The pairs pass their work to the right so that each gets another sheet to check.

        5.1-2 min to check and correct the mistakes in red.

        6.Each pair gets a green marker.

        7.They repeat the procedure until each test paper is checked by each pair.



        8. The teacher displays all the works on the board and asks which the most colourful is.

        9. The Teacher asks what the conclusion is.

       10. The Ss recommend the owners of the most colourful paper (In our case the owners made the conclusion themselves) to better learn the irregular verbs.


                                                                                                             Natalia Repetscaia, teacher of English, Seleng Studio