Corporate training


A perfect offer for those who would like to study English or German at their own working place as well as for business people, who want their stuff to be trained enough in the languages we teach.

Possible courses provided for corporate training are Business English, English for Catering, Medical English, different levels of Basic Course in English and German.

The program is made after the placement test that is compulsory for each member of the organization. The ways of payment are mentioned in the contract both Seleng Studio and your company sign for successful collaboration.

Certificates are issued at the end of each course.

Trinity, FCE, IELTS, TOEFL exam preparation


For the high school students who would like to apply for studies abroad as well as for those who would like to get a job in Europe, Australia, New Zealand or the USA. Also must be useful indeed for the people who intend to join in some NGO, voluntary or other international workshops or projects and need an international certificate that will prove the level of their knowledge.

SelEng Studio is a certified Trinity Centre in Moldova. The Trinity exam checks speaking, writing, reading and listening. The examiners from the UK usually held the testing at the end of the school year and 6-8 weeks later the Trinity candidates who successfully pass the exam are sent an international certificate.

Gymnasium and high school final exams preparation


For the students who face difficulties either in English or German and want to get better results in the school final exams.

The course is intended to reveal the format of the exams, types of writings and their requirements, to develop reading skills, teach the necessary lexis and grammar.

Tuitions and group classes are offered. Preliminary testing is a must.

Workshops and trainings for teachers on the foreign language teaching methodology


For the devoted teachers who are constantly interested in self development and self sudying and who would like to share their experience with other collegues. The workshops and trainings provided at SelEng Studio are aimed at analysing and practicing new techniques and methods in teaching reading, listening, writing and speaking skills. Psycological criteria of monitoring groups of different aged are revealed and modern ways of teaching are presented.

The teaching events are organised and held by Seleng Studio teachers as well as by methodologists from Ukrain, Mcmillan and Longman represantatives.

The deatails (topics, dates and times, price and other) appear on the news of our webpage 2weeks prior the event.

Educational programs in British summer schools (2-3 weeks).


Unique opportunity for aged 12-17 to spend some weeks of the summer vacation in the country of the language studied.

Classes of English conducted by native speaking teachers, British homestay accomodation, educational trips to historical sights and afterschool activities are aimed not just at improving your language skills but at integrating the students into the country’s culture, customs and traditions.