Discussion clubs in English.


The most accute topics for discussions will definitely help you improve the speaking skills as well enlarge your knowledge in psychology, business, law, economics, etc.

A part of the sessions are conducted by the native speakers or English/German speaking volunteers (level B2+) from other countries.

Is offered only for A2+ level students.

The discussion topics should be followed on our news page.

Informal meetings with English speakers (level B2+) that include trips about Moldova, board games days, sport games, etc.


Communicating with different people, who vizit our country, discussions in English about different life spheres and personal experiences, exchanging views regarding culture, education, economics and traditions of other countries.

Free entrance, held occasionally. The announcements appear on the home page of our website.

Subject events, holiday parties, games, quizzes and quests.


Brain rings, intellectual shows, Christmas parties, Halloween celebration, Mafia game series, subject shows, drama, students’ photo and video projects and plenty of other events in English and German will help develop your analytical and logical skills, language fluency as well as bring loads of excitement and positive emotions.

Free entrance for SelEng Studio students.

Alternative summer courses of English.


For kids, teenagers and adults who would like to make their summer interesting, exciting and useful.

Taking into consideration that we offer classes during the summer vacation, we do not abuse the students with any home tasks.

The flexible system of attendance permits you and your children combine the classes of English with the summer trips you are planning. The course is available in June and July.

The enrollment for the summer school classes at SelEng Studio starts on the 1st of May each year. A free of charge placement test is offered.



Summer school includes:


1. Entertaining English for Pre-school and Primary school children.
Role games, active and educational events, outings, songs and cartoons will help the very young learners see the wonders of English languages, enrich their vocabulary and adapt to the language teaching techniques used at SelEng Studio.





2. Speaking course in English.
For those who would like to overcome the language barrier, learn to express the thoughts, opinion and points of view in English freely, with no pauses or translation from mother tongue. A part of the classes are conducted by the native speakers.

To achieve better results we use video and audio sources, didactic games, dialogues, presentations, pair and group work, outings and other enjoyable activities.



3. Express grammar course.
For those who face grammar difficulties in English at school or within the basic course at SelEng Studio as well as for those who would like to join us next year and would like to avoid wasting the whole year at the inappropriate level just because of poor grammar knowledge.




4. Art classes in English.
For those who would like to develop their aesthetic taste, learn how to create beautiful crafts, and at the same time enrich the English vocabulary; improve the listening and speaking skills.





5. Introductory course in Englishfor teens and young learners.
For those who have decided to take up a new foreign language. The course is aimed at making students familiar with the system of Englishlanguage sounds, reading rules, basic vocabulary and grammar structures. At the end of the course the students also will be able to give and require basic personal information, speak about preferences, house, clothes, etc.