Offline vs Online

observation lesson

We continue our work, though frankly speaking, we miss our classrooms, laugh, smiles, noise and dynamic lessons.

We have already realized that both online and offline classes have got their fans.

Online better suits introverts, who don’t like face-to-face communication and don’t prefer being surrounded by others. We, teachers, even didn’t know how much some of our students know and can. Could we imagine that the right environment to discover their potential would turn to be the new format of studying?

Offline is definitely good for social and ambitious students, who find the “audience” approval, fame and competition essential. Extraverts don’t feel comfortable online and when it’s time to go back to classrooms, they will the most grateful students. Their motivation, which started weakening with the distance learning, will become even stronger.

We at Seleng Studio are already busy with developing strategies and plans in order to meet the expectations of both types and so far work online.