Video projects 2019.

observation lesson

For some years already, Seleng Studio has been launching video clips contests in English. Throughout the whole school year our students are offered different topics to create a short video on.

As we really support our learners’ personal approach and creativity, we do not set any tough limits regarding the format. Though, everyone, who decides to join in the current project has to meet the length’s limits and to voice the video in English and on their own.


This year the main participants were from Impact 3 group (teacher Victoria Egorova)


Here are the winners:

“Factors that influence on me”

1st place-Alina Tataroi

2nd place-Alexandra Duca

3rd place-Anastasia Ciucenco

“The most dangerous animal of the planet”

1st place-Victor Tonu

2nd place-Zlata Egorova

3rd place-Anastasia Ciucenco

“Giving instructions”

1st place- Alexandra Duca

2nd place-Zlata Egorova

3rd place-Daniela Para

Congratulations guys! Your results are amazing!