Ciocanu Diana

Language is the visiting card of each person, if you know more languages you can consider yourself an accomplished person, because you are sure that in some cases you can have control over certain aspects of your life.

I have always been interested in studying foreign languages. At school I started studying French and English, after that at university I took up German. I really consider that knowing more languages is a good way to develop your personality and intellectual abilities.

SelEng Studio is a perfect place where I can develop my skills and knowledge and where I can demonstrate that I am a trusted person and people can rely on me.

I consider myself a person who does the work with a creative attitude, never for the sake of selfish gain, but for the chance to develop my inner potential and to demonstrate to myself that I Can.

Work at SelEng Studio is something that I do with passion and with great pleasure. I like waking up in the morning knowing that I have something significant to do. My activity at SelEng Studio delights me and fills me with fascination, giving me the chance to feel like I take the right place in this world.