Irina Fiodorova

There are many teachers in my family, so I have been in this environment since childhood. If suddenly there was no teacher for replacement in the lower grades, they used to send me there, and not just to entertain the children, but also to read texts or to solve sums and Maths problems .

Like the majority, I began to learn English at school. In fact, I began to study it not in the 1st grade, but much later. From that moment to this day I have enjoied this process. Language in contrast to most scientific subjects is in constant development. No wonder every year Oxford claims new vocabulary in its dictionary. If everyone has heard about "selfie" and even uses it in their speech, then what do you think "sky-pool" is? This is not any pool on the roof or at a height, but only one that "hangs" in the air between two buildings. You can imagine that there are many neologisms like that! Therefore, when people ask me: "Do you still learn English?", I say: "Yes, I do!"

And of course, one of the main guides in my journey is SelEng Studio, a place where you come not just for a job, but which makes you feel at a home.