Svetlana Maciuca

ooooMy interest to the English language started at the age of five, when in the evenings both adults and children used to come in front of the TV screens to watch video classes of English by Svetlana Jiltsova. The first English words, songs and poems were thoroughly written in a special album by my mum. She also used to illustrate them and I was happy to colour her drawings, singing and repeating the unknown sounds, words and even phrases.

Since then a lot of time passed. The knowledge I got at school, Pedagogical University and the Institute of Continuing Studying was improved at different workshops and courses.

I love English a lot, and most of all I enjoy the process of studying it. It is very enjoyable, involving and pleasant. It is so inspiring, that I always want to share my knowledge and ideas, doing joyfully and wit the open heart. My long lasting experience at school, kindergarten and the Kids Centre of Arts helps me achieve my goals.