Ciapoi Taisia

ooooAs a child, I was passionate about two professions, but in the end I became a translator of French and English, which brought a lot of interesting things in my life. After graduating the university, like the majority of people, I got puzzled by the question “What to do next?” So, one day I came to Seleng Studio and from the first day I realized that I want to work here.

Seleng Studio is the place where my skills are performed, I often practice English, this job corresponds to my necessities and is in accordance with my life rhythm. The ability and the desire to learn and to progress is also among the primary criteria. You like what do you do when you succeed in it, and when the team you working with, is a united one; when something or someone inspire you and you always hurry to work.

I love my job due to the friendly team, as well as, the warm, joyfull and positive atmosphere. The team I am part of, consists of talented people and every day something new and interesting,happenes here. It inspires me to easily wake up in the morning and I do not have such thoughts as is "don’t want to work," or "Well, I have to go back to work again". I'm satisfied with my job, the team, my boss and that the Seleng Studio is a part of my life.