Veaceslav Enachii

My name is Veaceslav and I teach English and German. For me teaching is art, which helps add colors to the world and gives the students an opportunity to see the environment from new perspectives. The main goal of a teacher is not just give knowledge, but to inspire the students for further development and self-improvement. For the teacher, on the other side, there is nothing more motivating than the eager-to-learn students are.

I like telling the students something new, interesting and useful, as well as surprising them, helping develop and improve. While at school, I would explain my mates what they did not use to understand at the lessons. Now I understand those were the seeds of vocation.

Here, at SelEng Studio, where I get inspired every day, I have the possibility to keep doing what I enjoy. I mean not just teaching, but communicating with people who work here. Being very optimistic and enthusiastic, they inspire the others and make them sparkle.