Nadejda Balasinenco

ooooWhen I hear somebody speaking about school subjects, it always reminds me of my teachers. It is known that the impression the subject makes on a student tightly depends on what kind of teacher teaches it. I, personally, realized that at the early age at school.

Being a teacher is a very responsible job and brings a lot of challenges. As a teacher of English, I understand that children as well as adults are individuals who are unique in their own way. I reckon that there are no bad students; there are just teachers who are not competent enough and cannot give proper explanations.

A teacher is first of all a friend who can lead the students and help them achieve the proper results. English should be taught easily with a smile that will always support the student’s wish as it’s time consuming and requires a lot of patience. Studying at SelEng Studio is always interesting and exciting. The classes seem to flow. Always glad to see you! Welcome to our team!