Standard course in English and German


For those who have decided to take up studying English from the beginning, who want to develop their knowledge, improve the quality of speaking the mentioned languages, who want to easily cope with the difficulties within school program English lessons and for those who have the desire to plunge into the atmosphere of this super popular languages in the whole world.


Standard Course includes:
1. An amazing course for Pre-Juniors (5-7y.o. - 2 levels);
2. A Junior course for Primary School kids (7-12y.o. - 4 levels);
3. A course for teenagers (12-16y.o. - 4 levels);
4. A course for adults (16 and above - 6 levels).

The communicative methodology which requires speaking only the language of studying is the fundamental technique of the course.

Various technical equipment, pair and group work, different games used throughout the process of teaching will help easily form and develop reading, writing, listening and speaking skills. All the methodological and deductive support published in the country-origin of the language and do not have any translations into mother tongue.

The classes are organized in groups under 12 students all year round.

Please, feel free to contact us to get all the necessary information and make an appointment for a free placement test.