Oxana Zefirova



Hello everyone! I am Oxana Zefirova and I consider the foundation of SelEng Studio to be the greatest achievement in my professional career so far.
I have been in teaching for 29 years and have never regretted about my choice.

Due to numerous hours of tuition and teaching students of different age in public and language schools, attended workshops and gained experience, I got my own vision on teaching English. I really like working out new teaching techniques, as well as applying the traditional ones to the teaching process. Organizing holiday parties, various extracurricular activities and just bringing joy to people has become an essential part of my life.

I sincerely believe that achieving great results is only possible when the process of studying is interesting and easy for students, while the process of teaching becomes enjoyable for teachers. That is why since the very first day of SelEng Studio foundation, the most essential aim for me as a leader has been creating friendly and welcoming atmosphere for the students and decent working conditions for every member of our team.