Victoria Egorova

getImage 10I teach English and organize Art classes in English at Seleng Studio. Any kid or even adult can join us and joyfully explore the wonderful world of the English language and culture as well as learn to hand make amazing crafts.
My major goal is to make my different level students fully enjoy the classes of English! Thus I consider the teacher should, first of all, love the subject he teaches, enjoy it himself and be an inspiration for his students.
I adore working with children. As a teacher I am happy to see not just their great success but any even less important achievements. Also I try to apply the individual approach to each of my students that is possible due to the fact the number of students in a group are under ten.
I am a creative person whose major interests are floristic, painting, handmade and design. My other passions are healthy lifestyle and spiritual advance. As it is very important for me to make my classes interesting, effective and enjoyable, I try to apply my creative ideas to my teaching.
My lovely colleagues also inspire me by their energy, enthusiasm and love for children. Seleng Studio with its modern classrooms gear, interesting and enjoyable programs, friendly and welcoming team and grateful students is the best place to work!