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SelEng Studio was founded in Chisinau in 2009. Currently it offers high quality service and has a team of qualified and skilled professionals that help you make the first steps in studying English or German and choose the appropriate program, level and even schedule.

SelEng Studio has a special approach towards English or German language teaching, which is based on the communicative method. This method is held to imply that all the teaching-learning process is carried out only in the target language. Anyone can wonder "How is it possible for beginners who do not know a word in this language?" The answer is as simple as this: the teacher explains all the unknown words and expressions using gestures, pictures, flashcards, examples and other words like synonyms or opposites. Due to this methodology, students start thinking in target language, the fact that makes the process of studying more effective. Moreover, it helps save the time if the group includes students with different mother tongues.

We use a rather creative approach towards teaching English or German, and besides the basic course, which is the most essential in forming and developing reading, writing, listening and speaking skills, SelEng Studio offers a great variety of interest clubs, which activate in the target language, and help put the acquired knowledge into practice. Small groups, welcoming atmosphere, elements of creativity, integrated in lessons, native speakers' sessions and presentations, frequently organized trips and excursions, as well as a wide choice of levels and grades will definitely help you master all the language aspects and develop the ones you need most.

It should be mentioned that classes at SelEng Studio take place the whole year round; therefore you get the opportunity to join us any suitable time. All the candidates take a placement test, carried out in a friendly atmosphere and composed of speaking and writing parts. The written test is designed to check the grammar knowledge, while the conversation helps the teacher identify not only the candidate's skills in spoken English or German, but also take into consideration his personal characteristics. Due to this every candidate is placed into a suitable group, where he will be free to develop his individual capabilities.

All SelEng Studio graduates are issued a certificate of attendance.



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Our team

Victoria Egorova

I teach English and organize Art classes in English at Seleng Studio. Any kid or even adult can join us and joyfully explore the wonderful world of the English language and culture as well as learn to hand make amazing crafts. My major goal is to make my different level . . .
Nadejda Balasinenco

When I hear somebody speaking about school subjects, it always reminds me of my s. It is known that the impression the subject makes on a student tightly depends on what kind of teaches it. I, personally, realized that at the early age at school. Being a . . .
Veaceslav Enachii

Hello. My name is Veaceslav and I teach English and German. For me teaching is art, which helps add colors to world and gives students an opportunity to see environment from new perspectives. The main goal of a teacher is not just give knowledge, but to inspire . . .
Ciapoi Taisia

As a child, I was passionate about two professions, but in the end I became a translator of French and English, which brought a lot of interesting things in my life. After graduating the university, like the majority of people, I got puzzled by the question “What to do . . .
Irina Fiodorova

There are many teachers in my family, so I have been in this environment since childhood. If suddenly there was no teacher for replacement in the lower grades, they used to send me there, and not just to entertain the children, but also to read texts or to solve sums and . . .
Corj Vitally

“Who dares to teach, must never cease to learn” (John Cotton Dana) Vitally Y Corj, an English teacher with a distinctive approach towards educational process and a complete and undisputed dedication to a beloved passion, which of course, is the teaching English. Do not . . .

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